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 Restoring Hope: Removing 

Chains of Child Abuse

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ALL donations during 2017 can earn Ark of Hope a $2,500 grant

to further our global e-mentoring and prevention support for child abuse, trafficking and bullying survivors! 

FBI Rescues 168 Children from Human Trafficking...

We can work together to provide safe housing for them

"The FBI has rescued 168 children — the youngest 11 years old, and some of them never reported missing — in a coast-to-coast crackdown on sex traffickers, officials said Monday." These are America's children," said FBI Director James Comey." Read more on this story encouraging news story at the end of this post.

Ark of Hope for Children quietly began providing emergency transitional living shelter for some rescued victims such as these

in early 2014 at our Harbourage Transitional Living Center (TLC) in north central Florida. To release its location or the stories of some of the young victims that have168Rescued FBI been rescued would make them and our facility unsafe, so we won't do that. Suffice it to say that they are often shaken up, not knowing whom to trust. We strive to bring them more than short term safety and shelter and are honored to provide the beginning of true hope for a much better future.


Food, safe shelter, assessing their immediate and long term needs and beginning down a path that will provide a positive future. This is what our short term emergency drop-in center is providing. Now we reach out for your support to help us provide those oppressed and damaged by human trafficking so they can begin the road towards wholeness and independence. In the future we will provide a long term shelter in cooperation with a great partner in the Chase Enterprises, which runs

We are seeking corporations, churches and individuals to sponsor this site as well as our Harbourage Transitional Living Center (TLC) with your monthly tax-deductible giving. Of course we value all donations of any size, but your monthly support will allow us to budget and expand knowing we have on gong support coming in. Monthly support provides for maintenance and hosting of this site but especially shelter, food, clothing, and materials we use to provide hope and a pathway to transformation for the survivors we serve in our north central Florida facility. Click here to see donor levels and click here to see how we will celebrate your giving.

This we cannot continue to do alone, and our not meant to. We humbly and gratefully ask you, your corporation or church to support us monthly using levels below as a guide. If you can do more we will be eternally grateful! Together we will...

"Break the chains for those victimized as children by child trafficking and child abuse to lead them into lives filled with faith, hope and love."

Read the full FBI rescue story from NBC News here

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