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Ten year old Sweetie captures 1000 webcam pedophiles

Ten year old Sweetie captures 1000 webcam pedophiles

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A Dutch child-rights organization called Terre Des Hommes has opened Ark of Hope's eyes to the increasing horrors of child exploitation online. The following video is safe to watch but shows just how enormous the problem is for us and our children globally. But they are turning the tables! Watch how they gauged the monsterous scale of the problem with a 10-week online sting using the help of someone named "Sweetie." 

Web cam child sex tourism is how they defined it. 

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Now pedophilia is not a sexual orientation says APA

As founder of Ark of Hope for Children I am thankful the American Psychiatric Association (APA) said "this was an error" when they associated pedophilia as being a sexual orientation. Thank God and we hope the reprint comes with haste. We can only hope the APA is not on the path to reclassification of pedophilia over time. Those victimized, many facing life-long trauma into their 40's and 50's do NOT need psycho-specialists delivering a message that comes anywhere close to accepting what happened to them as anything but extremely damaging to them as a person.

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Join us at CenFlo Film Festival

Hey advocates for adult survivors of child abuse, Ark of Hope for Children is excited to be going to Ocoee, FL near Orlando for the Central Florida Film Festival on Saturday, August 31, 2013. We, as Ark of Hope for Children and UnChained Florida will be honored to view the documentary of Pursuit of Truth and meet Valerie Gibson the Executive Director. Pursuit of Truth is an excellent documentary about adult child abuse survivors seeking justice. We hope many take any opportunity to see this highly important film.

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100 Teens Saved Now what?

100 Teens Rescued From Sex Trafficking... Now What?

According to this NBC News article more than 100 teens were rescued in child sex trafficking stings throughout the US on a weekend in 2013. WOW! Not only does this show the depth of the problem within the US, but if you read between the lines you see a much different problem.

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What now for those 100 rescued teens? Long term care is still needed four years later to assist true rehabilitation but way too few beds are available nationally. Long term emotional support is desperately needed yet most often not available at all to child survivors of sex trafficking.

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