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Ark of Hope for Children blogs

Updates about Ark of Hope for Children's programs plus global news relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.

    Blog: Ark of Hope Blog & News

    Updates about Ark of Hope for Children's programs plus global news relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.

    Raise Your Voice Against Accepting PedoSexuality

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Raise Your Voice Against Accepting PedoSexuality

    While most of society is busy running around, or arguing politics, others are very active in pushing their agenda’s. Some good.... Some quite twisted. Have you heard of the term Pedosexual? defines Pedosexual as “An adult who IS sexually active with children.”

    I turn your attention to this article from April 23, 2017 in which Heart Progress, a gay rights organization joins others in asking, “Should the LGBTQ+ movement accept pedosexuals?” then the author answers, “I think that the answer is quite obvious: Absolutely!”

    The article goes on to add, “Pedosexuals have helped achieve so much for the other sexual minority groups, that it would simply be unjust to allow them to suffer in discrimination due to hateful bigots on the right.”

    pedophile  Child Abuse

    2017-04-27 18:28:59

    Stop Netflix from Promoting Suicide

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    #13ReasonsWhy: Tell Netflix to Stop Promoting Suicide

    13 Reasons

    "Thirteen Reasons Why" is a novel written by Jay Asher. Common Sense Media describes it as a "disturbing suicide novel” which “examines bullying and indifference." The book was published October 18, 2007. Four years later, it topped the New York Times best-seller list. Recently, it became the latest Netflix top hit in less than a month, making suicide a viral sensation.”

    Netflix has given teenagers around the world thirteen reasons to kill themselves and neglected to consider that not all of us have voices in our lives that remind us why we should fight to stay alive.

    Take Action  Suicide  Mental Health

    2017-04-23 16:02:08

    Is Doing Good Good for Business

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Corporate Giving

    Corporate Philanthropy –
    is the business of doing good, good for business?

    DayIStopGiving 600

    We all know that helping others is good for our individual health. Research at the University of California, Berkeley and Michigan for example has found that people who give back to their communities feel happier, are less stressed and live longer. But what of corporate giving? Is there evidence that helping others to flourish helps an organization to flourish too? At BuzzParent we believe there is and so we donate 20% of what we earn to charity. We think you will find corporate giving is a win-win all round; for you, your employees, your business and society as well.

    ‘Generosity and profit are compatible and even self-sustaining’ (BeyondMe 2015)."

    corporate giving

    2017-04-01 17:09:53

    Elijah Wood: Hollywood Run By Elite Pedophile Ring

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Elijah Wood says Hollywood Run By Elite Pedophile Ring

    Can we focus on it's victims AND protect entertaining children?

    elija wood pedo ring 9217

    "Elijah Wood claims that the Hollywood scandal is on a scale similar to that of Jimmy Savile in the UK, in which the former TV star, who had a close relationship with the British Royal Family, was not only a serial pedophile that had abused literally hundreds of children, but he was also a procurer of children for elite pedophile rings." 

    That quote is a small part of the story featured by Neon Nettle at the link below. Ark of Hope for Children is grateful for their desire to share urgently important stories like this. (We give them full credit for their article and Elijah Wood's image).

    Take Action

    2017-02-12 18:49:44

    Radio Interview Dec 30 2016

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Interview

    Moments of Clarity Online Radio Interview

    December 30, 12:00 noon, EST

    Ark of Hope for Children ’s founder Blair Corbett is excited to join our good friend Gregory Chase, founder of on our good friend and host Tiffany Werhner’s internet-based Moments of Clarity radio show. The show will air on Friday, December 30, 2016 from 12:00 – 1:00pm eastern time U.S.

    Tiffany Werhner

    Moments of Clarity with Tiffany is hosted on the Tan Talk radio network out of Tampa Bay, Florida. You can listen live here, or if you are local to Tampa Bay on any of the AM and FM stations listed on their website. If you can’t listen live, catch the podcast here.


    2016-12-28 21:38:40

    How Sexual Abuse as A Child Leads To Overeating

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Survivor Support

    How Sexual Abuse as A Child Leads To Overeating

    The idea of tracing eating disorders back to childhood trauma was first brought to light in the late 1980s by Dr. Vincent Felitti. After finding initial success with many of his patients, Dr. Felitti noticed that sustained weight loss was extremely difficult for his patients to acquire. Some patients would gain back all of the weight they lost, and some would even gain more weight.

    After conducting interviews with his patients, Dr. Felitti started to uncover a correlation between eating disorders and childhood trauma. More specifically, Dr. Felitti discovered that binge eating among some adult women can be traced back to sexual abuse they experienced when they were younger. In some cases, the women knew the abuse was wrong and created a series of emotional and mental obstacles to try and bury it in their minds. In other cases, the women admitted to not realizing that they were abused until it manifested itself in the form of binge eating.

    Eating Disorders  Childhood Trauma

    2016-12-13 18:46:05

    Giving Tuesday & Christmas Are Here

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Events

    Give the Gift of Hope!

    GivingTuesday RC plusArk 600

    #StopChildAbuse, #StopChildTrafficking, #StopBullying

    Take Action  Giving Tuesday

    2016-11-29 02:35:35

    Join Team RemovingChains 4 GivingTuesday

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Stop ChildAbuse & Trafficking with Holiday Giving 2016

    Removing Chains With Hope

    Start your Team under ours & really help victims this holiday!

    thumb Team Captain BlairHoliday giving starts with Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2016 and survivors need your help to boost all of Ark of Hope for Children's efforts. Here's what we're doing:

    Team Removing Chains GT16's mandate is to help Ark of Hope for Children reach it's fundraising goals to grow their great support and empowerment efforts for people victimized as by human trafficking and child abuse.

    Take Action  Fundraise

    2016-11-28 00:45:00
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