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Ark of Hope for Children blogs

Updates about Ark of Hope for Children's programs plus global news relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.
    Global News

    Global News

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    Global news relating to Ark of Hope's focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.

    Wake Up World; To Child Sexual Exploitation

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Global News

    A frustration burns inside me due to the apathy of people in this world transposed against thumb Prostituted smthe pain and struggles of those I help that were victimized as children... Not to mention the many Ark of Hope for Children has yet to reach. I am often undaunted in my chosen passion to right the lives of those whose lives have been turned upside down by such internal pain. I trudge through boldly, with a resolute happiness that my life can be used to help them build upon their painful pasts towards strong and empowered futures.

    That being said my heart has begun weighing heavy so I decided to open the eyes of those willing to listen and, for at least a moment, walk in the shoes of one of those we help. I want people to imagine the various sorts of pain they suffer through not just from having to live with it, but build upon that same broken foundation. Too many face this challenge in hopelessness, in fear and in silence.

    The one of their hurdles that disrupts me today is for children that have been sexually exploited while their abusers use cameras and video equipment to profit off of their pain and shame.

    child exploitation

    2015-02-24 19:43:10

    Social Network for Pedophiles

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Global News

    A very disturbing and outrageous website has been uncovered in this insightful article from The Mirror in the UK by Gemma Aldridge. The website called F4L, which stands for "Family For Love" not only encourages pedophilia while creating a network for members, but it encourages people to breed children for the purpose of child sexual abuse and exploitation!

    Please read the article and comment here on Ark of Hope for Children’s site. We try to do so much to assist those victimized as children, but I think too often people become apathetic thinking we are beating a dead drum. We must wake up the masses, and we need more helpers joining to mentor and empower victims. 

    We expect that we know what you will comment, but will you take it steps further and share, and sign-up to acknowledge that we need thousands more on the front lines against child abusers, and protecting victims of all sexes and all ages. 


    2014-12-07 18:32:00

    Lack of Oversight is Killing Kids

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Global News

    There is rampant #ChildAbuse within institutions we are supposed to be able to trust. These institutions include lack of quality state and federal oversight, as do all states CPS systems. Children are abused, rented, go missing and are dying! It is past time for change, but so many articles like this get written and nothing changes.

    Let’s change it now!

    Please comment directly on the article in Huffington Post by Art Levine

    commentary  Child Abuse

    2014-11-24 16:49:06