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Prayer Support,

  • Prayers for Abuse Survivors

    Support our survivors in need with your prayers!

    Your Prayers Needed

    Welcome to Ark of Hope for Children's prayer support page for child abuse and child trafficking survivor’s in need. Please pray regularly and share the link to this page as prayer needs will be updated regularly here. Here is a shortened link to this page. 

    All health procedures on this page are directly related to physical or sexual abuse unless otherwise noted. Names are changed to respect privacy while protecting them from fears of abuser revenge.  Postings here are ONLY for well-deserved prayer support for young survivors, or older survivors that were victimized as children, that Ark of Hope for Children virtually mentors on an often dally basis. 

    We can all be such a huge blessing and expect healing as God moves. We are counting on you. Thank you so much! For other survivor and Ark of Hope prayer updates please follow this link.

    Blair Corbett, Executive Director

    Ark of Hope for Children

    Other OnGoing Health Prayers for Survivors

    Alexander – Cancer in remission (but often still quite sick)

    Kyle – Cirrhosis of the Liver – Liver transplant recieved. Trying to recover and will be on anti-rejection meds for life.

    OnGoing prayer needs for Ark of Hope & our Programs

    We are grossly underfunded and under "staffed"


    Daily Prayer Needs

    (Sometimes for Ark of Hope or our programs) 

    2016-09-07 - Micahel - And two other children we halped get away from their abusers, get them reported and jailed and/or imprisoned ALL got adopted today by their amazing foster families! Michael has even taklen parts of Ark of Hope founder Blair Corbett's name due to the extreme close bond they have had since day one almost two years ago.

    2016-09-06 - Jack - Preteen child trafficking and child abuse and bullying survivor attempted suicide. Emergency surgery to correct damage. Once out of intensive care will undoubtedly face a stay at a child psych unit. 

    2016-08-31 - Kyle - Continues fighting rejection of his donated liver with higher meds but infections ave stopped and we have worked hard to get speaking and typing ablities back up to full sentences. He was finally able to return to school via computer today!

    2016-08 - UnNamed - Very young survivor attempts suicide so as not to feel the barage of constant memories. A week plus in the hospital and a psychiatric unit have been a help and they have returned home at least suprt-charged to never repeat the experience. Psych able to diagnose things that we strongly suspected but nobody had ever formerly diagnosed so there will be a loty of help going forward.

    2016-06 to 09 - Kyle - Faced at least four week+ long hospital stays due to infections. Each time the memories he was able to recover were once again taken down. Sighh, Pray these end.

    2016-05-21 - UnNamed - Three teen severe child abuse survivors we support will leave for their first vacations ever today and they promise to take us with every step of the way. This will be encouraging and exciting as they experience joyful things they so deeply deserve!

    2016-05-21 - UnNamed - Being rushed to Pediatric ICU with a severe kidney infection. Possible failure of some sort. :-( That will make three very young child abuse survivors we support in intensive care around the globe at the same time.

    2016-05-18 - Kyle - Rushed to hospital. Confused and dizzy. Diagnosed with hepatic encephalopathy, his diseased liver is sending bad fluids through his body into his brain. They must filter the fluids somehow and medicate to try to diminish the problem. This will raise him on the liver transplant list. His first day of kidney dialysis yesterday went well. That will be three days a week, four hours at a time. 

    • 2016-05-20 - Kyle - Ammonia is in his blood stream from the dying liver, badly affecting his ability to remember who people are in his life and just what is happening to him. His foster's and I (Blair Corbett), just patiently keep reminding him where he is and all. While doctors provide kidney dialysis hoping to clear his blood of enough so that his mind can retain memory.
    • 2016-05-25 - Kyle - Is receiving a donor liver as of 9:00pm EST!! Operation to take 6 to 8 hours. 

    2016-05-12 - Michael - Had outpatient surgery today to remove a granuloma from his throat, It has been growing as a result of scar tissue that developed after one of his times being intubated for surgery. He will be unable to speak for two weeks. Please pray for his voice to finally return to a normal state. 

    2016-05-07 - Alexander - Returns for a week of nutritional up-building in preparation for major stomach surgery to prevent the return of cancer. 

    • 2016-05-15 - Alexander - On the 16th will have major surgery called a "total gastrectomy" as a preventative measure to avoiod cancers return. This is MAJOR surgery so please pray against sepsis, leaks and infection for the coming 5 days. 
    • 2016-05-18 - Alexander - They have found a leak. Emergency surgery is happening to stop the leak and assess damage. Septic Shock is a big worry. He will be monitored and fighting against it for the next many days as the offending bacteria that can cause sepsis is definitely present. 
    • 2016-05-20 - Alexander - Extremely high fever signals Sepsis is still high. So far no organs are adversely affected. They continue to fight with highly potent medications to work to clear the bacteria that leaked and ensuing infection.
    • 2016-05-24 - Alexander - Has lapsed into a coma. Continues to fight sepsis and we refuse to believe it will win because our co-founder Verna Coprbett fought sepsis from the same intestinal bacteria leak, lapsed into a coma and still survived. I, Blair Corbett, have made an audio/video for him that his caretaker can play a few times a day to hopefuilly spur him towards waking once the infection is down and he has more strength.

    2016-05-01 - UnNamed preteen - Hospitalized due to damage that surfaced from prolonged sexual abuse. Emergency surgery performed and moved to ICU to fight possible Sepsis. Bacterial infection did surface causing high fevers but after five days they fought it off. They were moved to a normal room and released on May 8.

    2016-04-17 to 2016-04-28 – Kyle – Hospitalized with bronchial cold fighting against pneumonia and high fevers. Pneumonia settled in and he was moved to ICU and intubated to help him fight. Foortunately after a week things began to improve. He was relased on April 28

    2016-04-15 - Got confirmation from a young teen survivor that, thanks to her courage and trust, and our federal Homeland Security connections, that she is safe from her child traffickers and in a specialized safe home.

    2016-03-31 - Helped our youngest preteen State-side survivor report to their local authorities using Ark of Hope's unique trauma-informed client protective reporting system. They were SO brave and we expect an arrest shortly.

    2016-03-27 - Kyle - Some infection is causing a bigger fever and more extreme sickness. Off to the hospital again. They suspect Peritonitis infection. They are attcking with multiple antibiotics and placing him in ICU.

    • 2016-03-29 - Kyle - Fever came down a bit then shot back up. White blood cell counts are still very high. The actual bacteria is identified as Streptococci in the abdominal lining and they are attcking it with the appropritae antibiotics.
    • 2016-04-01 - Kyle - Fever disappeared finally and white blood cell counts down enough for Kyle to be moved out of intensive care! Take that April Fools day! Still not sick enough for the transplant list so some helpful medical things are being arranged since normal food doesn't want to stay down. Should be able to return home mid week.

    2016.03.16 – Alexander – Re-Hospitalized. Very ill. Testing blood and monitoring.

    • 2016-03-17 - Alexander - An infection has caused swellling in the tissue of his eyes causing exptreme vision loss. It is called Uveitis. They are taking measures to fight the infection and restore his site.  
    • 2016-03-24 - Alexander - Infection finally under control and seeing well so he was allowe to return home.

    2016.03.14 – Jack – Drain tube in brain intermittently working. Rushed by plane to special hospital to unclog or replace tube and or shunt.

    • 2016.03.15 - Jack - Tube replaced. He is alert and can type well. Doctors found another problem elsewhere on his body that needs attention. It is possibly due to extreme abuse as well. An explotitory exan will be performed soon then we will have updates. 
    • 2016-03-29 - Jack - Probems fixed and reported well enough to go home.

    2016.03.10 – Michael – Drain tube in his brain failed. Rushed to hospital, then by helicopter to a larger Children’s hospital.

    • Answered – Emergency brain surgery performed using a different method. Old brain drain system that had failed three times in a year removed expecting that this new procedure will work for him and eventually stop fears of brain fluids building up and causing emergencies any longer. The longer he goes without problems, the better the chance is for complete reversal.

    2016.03.04 – Kevin – Hospitalized. Recently diagnosed Hepatitis B is harming his liver.

    • 2016.03.07 – Kyle – Diagnosis downgraded to Fibrosis of the liver. Drugs available can reverse damage.
    • 2016.03.10 – Kyle - Drugs changed because they are having no affect. Remains quite ill.
    • 2016.03.14 – Kyle – Diagnosis downgraded to later stage of Fibrosis meaning infected much younger than anticipated. Medications will be provided and comfort measures taken, however a liver transplant is now the best option. He will return though and basically told he must get sicker before being put on the transplant list. “Because there are so many livers needed, only the sickest patients get them.”- Kevin - 
    • 2016.03.17 - Kyle - They worked on stopping the bleeding then they will do a Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic shunt to repair the portal vein.
    • 2016.03.22 - Kyle - Was finally well enough to return home. Will have to get sicker still to get on the list.

    2016.02.28 – Alexander – Informed cancer is in remission! Very regular blood tests will continue for five years. If no return they will consider him healed.

    2016.01.20 – UnNamed - Prayer for a young lady and boy that must report severe abuse. They are ready but quite nervous and scared of the abuser finding out.

    • Answered – Abusers are behind bars. Both young survivors are very relieved and will soon be empowered because they didn’t back away in fear. Thank you Child Advocacy Centers' for once again being so helpful and supportive of our specialized way of helping these kids come forward and stopping their bad guys in their tracks.

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