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Ark of Hope for Children blogs

Updates about Ark of Hope for Children's programs plus global news relating to our focus areas of child abuse, child trafficking or bullying.
    Posts tagged 'Take Action'

    Stop Netflix from Promoting Suicide

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    #13ReasonsWhy: Tell Netflix to Stop Promoting Suicide

    13 Reasons

    "Thirteen Reasons Why" is a novel written by Jay Asher. Common Sense Media describes it as a "disturbing suicide novel” which “examines bullying and indifference." The book was published October 18, 2007. Four years later, it topped the New York Times best-seller list. Recently, it became the latest Netflix top hit in less than a month, making suicide a viral sensation.”

    Netflix has given teenagers around the world thirteen reasons to kill themselves and neglected to consider that not all of us have voices in our lives that remind us why we should fight to stay alive.

    Take Action  Suicide  Mental Health

    2017-04-23 16:02:08

    Elijah Wood: Hollywood Run By Elite Pedophile Ring

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Elijah Wood says Hollywood Run By Elite Pedophile Ring

    Can we focus on it's victims AND protect entertaining children?

    elija wood pedo ring 9217

    "Elijah Wood claims that the Hollywood scandal is on a scale similar to that of Jimmy Savile in the UK, in which the former TV star, who had a close relationship with the British Royal Family, was not only a serial pedophile that had abused literally hundreds of children, but he was also a procurer of children for elite pedophile rings." 

    That quote is a small part of the story featured by Neon Nettle at the link below. Ark of Hope for Children is grateful for their desire to share urgently important stories like this. (We give them full credit for their article and Elijah Wood's image).

    Take Action

    2017-02-12 18:49:44

    Giving Tuesday & Christmas Are Here

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Events

    Give the Gift of Hope!

    GivingTuesday RC plusArk 600

    #StopChildAbuse, #StopChildTrafficking, #StopBullying

    Take Action  Giving Tuesday

    2016-11-29 02:35:35

    Join Team RemovingChains 4 GivingTuesday

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Stop ChildAbuse & Trafficking with Holiday Giving 2016

    Removing Chains With Hope

    Start your Team under ours & really help victims this holiday!

    thumb Team Captain BlairHoliday giving starts with Giving Tuesday on November 29, 2016 and survivors need your help to boost all of Ark of Hope for Children's efforts. Here's what we're doing:

    Team Removing Chains GT16's mandate is to help Ark of Hope for Children reach it's fundraising goals to grow their great support and empowerment efforts for people victimized as by human trafficking and child abuse.

    Take Action  Fundraise

    2016-11-28 00:45:00

    Research Parents of Abuse Victims

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action

    Research Participation Invitation for
    Parents of child abuse victims

    Scared 1

    Non-offending and adoptive parents of child abuse survivors, Ark of Hope for Children strongly encourages your participation in the following study. The study is investigating barriers that parents face in utilizing mental health services for their children who have experienced abuse. This is another area of research that needs to be explored and it has immense impact for the recovery of child victims of abuse.

    Take Action  research

    2016-10-22 00:10:02

    Research Study for Adult Survivors

    Ark of Hope Blog & News
    Category: Take Action


    Research Study


    Adult Survivors of Child Abuse or Trafficking


    Take Action  research study  Adult survivors

    2015-11-12 03:04:28