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UnChained Project

UnChained Project is mobilizing people globally to bring awareness and action on behalf of the thousands of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying survivors to help them build a better life. UnChained Project is the culmination of many requests Ark of Hope for Children has received from people wanting to do more in their part of the world for survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying.

Success of Removing Chains, our live text chat survivor support website continues to grow. UnChained Project is a natural outflow to both spread awareness of our programs in your state or region, but also begin reaching victimized people in new ways. We believe there are untapped ways for these victimized individuals to realize people care in their area, through all of our combined efforts.

UnChained Project's new site is now being built

so come check out our progress!

Currently Ark of Hope for Children is serving survivors in these areas through our global online efforts through our vast social network reach and;
• Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
• Female survivors (abuse/rape/child abuse)
• Male survivors (abuse/rape/child abuse)
• Trafficking, Ritual Abuse & Institutional abuse support
• Depression, Mental health, Self-Harm support (youth and adult)
• Child Abuse support
• Youth Bullying
• Sick kids support

Now imagine us all beginning to shine that light within our own communities. Imagine the impact we can have as survivors realize we are not just creating needed awareness, but actually reaching out with loving arms and open hearts! They can learn through your state and local efforts that help is available in a non-threatening fashion online. But they will also find out that you and your UnChained Project community partners care as well! The healing implications of that are enormous as so many are hiding behind locked doors, in silence and despair.

The Plan

We have launched UnChained Project on a central Facebook page here

Project ambassadors will contact us to carry the torch within their state or region. Even if they don't want to run a whole country, state, or region wide effort they can get the ball rolling until a leader emerges. Once an effort is begun we will launch a Facebook group for your overall region with you as the initial contact and Ark of Hope helping lead the group. A regional group will be named for your overall regional area or state, (for example UnChain Florida).

Once the regional page is launched you are free to recruit and begin any sized efforts within your community or school as part of that region. These efforts can be easily planned and promoted using your UnChain (region) Facebook group. Logos for your region, country or state will be provided by Ark of Hope for unity of design. Ideas of events that can be created include but are not limited to;
• Awareness meetings focused on our key areas of child abuse, child trafficking, and/or youth bullying and our programs to meet those needs
• Small or large fundraising effort
• School or group upstarts for awareness and support
• Support group reaching out to adult child abuse survivors, etc.
• Concerts for fundraising for our overall efforts
• Church or local group speaking engagements about UnChained Project in their area
• Race UnChained marathon style events (running, walking, biking, bowling, anything that fits for your area)
• Prayer Vigils
• And so much more

Ark of Hope for Children will promote and support these regional groups through both of our websites and our vast social network. We want these to be enjoyable and engaging for you and your members. We will make our Removing Chains, and Harborage trafficking safe homes brochures available for print if we cannot ship a larger batch to you.
Fundraisers can be held and sponsors almost always found that will cover brochure and event costs because our focus areas are so near and dear to peoples' hearts.

This is all about networking and awareness to multiplying quality efforts to effectively reach survivors of child abuse, trafficking and bullying. As those individuals learn that their own community cares, we can transform lives through our expanded global community.

Fill out the appropriate application on our volunteer pages on or

Together let's "Break the chains of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying to lead survivors into lives filled with faith, hope and love."

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