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 Restoring Hope: Removing 
Chains of Child Abuse
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thumb tsunami s460x307Ark of Hope for Children’s friend Jerome Elam, survivor and columnist for The Washington Times Communities on December 31, 2012 wrote an article that needs to be highlighted. Jerome’s article, “Natural disaster throws children into the arms of pedophiles” shows the significant danger from child trafficking that children face in times of widespread chaos.

As Elam states,

“The aftermath of every natural disaster is mixture of chaos, despair and confusion. Aid workers struggle to meet even the basic needs of those affected, and even the workers themselves can be traumatized by the tragedy unfolding before them.”

“Unfortunately, pedophiles preying on children are not the only evil to fear in times of disaster, for they have competition of an equally dark nature. Human traffickers also descend on areas struck by natural disaster, kidnapping women and children to sell for sex and cheap labor. Mentally and physically disabled children are easy prey for the predators that cloak themselves in the guise of savior.”

Read Jerome Elam’s complete article, click here

On January 10, 2013 Blair Corbett from Ark of Hope for Children joined Dan Benedict, founder of The Defender Foundation, in Part 2 of the Live Worldwide Online Vigil for Human Sex Trafficking victims, survivors and their families. The points raised in his excellent article will most assuredly be addressed. We encourage you to read Jerome’s article and the child trafficking issues raised in the links on Ark of Hope for Children’s website and The Defenders Foundation website.

Then compile your own questions about Human Sex Trafficking and post them here. We will strive to answer every question during the Live Vigil on January 10, 2013 at 8:00pm EST. It will be recorded as well so even if you have to miss, please provide your questions ahead of time.