I am a missionary to those traumatized and victimized as children by human trafficking and severe childthumb Blair2015 1 abuse. Having founded our non-profit, Ark of Hope for Children, years ago I could not fathom how God would be moving now. Partnering with me through prayer and financial means we can change lives that once had no hope, and here is how.

Years ago we began reaching out via the internet to those who may be suffering in silence and fear after being victimized by child abuse and what is now known as child trafficking. Personal tragedies befell us but they started coming anyhow, so we knew God was in it. From across the U.S., England, South America, Canada, Australia and more.

I take no income from our nonprofit as expenses to keep our sites online, while preparing for more survivors to be brought to our transitional living facility continue. We are preparing to journey to another state to hopefully bring as many as a dozen recently rescued, sex trafficked and exploited boys for long term care at our facility. Even so, on any given day, I am personally assisting from three to eight young rescued victims from four to twelve or more hours daily. As their mentor and Survivor’s Coach we work closely together every day.

As a male adult role model figure, I mostly assist rescued young boys. Currently my personal community ranges from six to fifteen years old. While six is my youngest, I have historically been a mentor and Coach to them well into their twenties. I serve adult survivors of child abuse and trafficking as well, for those who tried to move on without ample assistance only to have their lives crash down years later from the internal pressure. While volunteers on our site help dozens of others, I focus on these; the most in need of a safe ear of compassion, unconditional love and hope for tomorrow.

It always starts with a risk on their part to reach out online through our vast text only network, hoping to find a genuine heart on the other end. Young men who begin to open about child abuse are directed to me. I listen, help connect them to local professionals as needed, and continue to work to earn their trust as an adult who will not hurt them, and will not leave.

As God has blessed me with an ability to draw them out I ask questions and listen. Slowly, over weeks and months their stories come out. Through extreme fears and instability they learn there is hope in this life. At first they only hold on for the next hour, then day, then works towards a week and beyond. I share of the God that loves them, but many cannot listen to this at first, wondering where was God when.... So, I humbly don’t burden them, but prove I won’t leave or judge. Most often they come to embrace the God that brought me into their life, even if literal satanic ritual abuse is what they endured for years prior. Over week and months, as long as they choose to stay, (or can based on technology they have on hand), we continue on a path towards hope and healing.

This is my life as a missionary / child abuse & human trafficking Survivor’s Coach. Long ago I challenged myself; “Are you interruptible? Do you have faith to do so AND be provided for?” With the love I feel from my own “Papa” and a resounding yes, I respond to their calls for four to twelve hours a day. Through nightmare relief calls, to PTSD driven flashback calming, to sharing of memories nobody has ever heard before, to coaching through how to grow and fit in.

I have never reached out for myself, until now when someone “knocked on my forehead”. Blair, you are a missionary in a very special way. Let God provide in the way He knows best. So, here I am being up front. This year I was denied the U.S. new health care pan because I don’t make enough money. My own state doesn’t provide an option for adults who I guess it deems irresponsible like me.

So, with bills piling up I am reaching out in faith. Please help us keep my life's mission work going. The people I help are free to contact me any time of day since I do not hold a normal paying position. This allows me to be fully interruptible as I partner with them through emotional trauma, as well as Coaching them during school, therapy and hospital visits to keep them focused and hope-filled. I pray I can keep it that way for them as many have nobody else to turn to that truly knows what is going on inside of them. As funds come in to improve out transitional living facility we pray some of them will transition here long term.

As YouCaring has this awesome platform I will post updates here so please subscribe here or to our website and blog. I truly hope you will partner with me on this mission as prayer partners and/or funding partners. It is truly a humbling honor to serve these young people. As God blesses me by allowing me the opportunity to bring them from despair to hopefulness, from tragedy to triumph, we can share in this together. The posted amount I need to raise is probably more like 1/3 of what I need yearly, but $10,000 will allow me to request national health insurance once again. And take my amazing, constantly interruptible wife out for an evening alone. <3

All donations to this fund are so greatly appreciated and fully tax deductible. If you prefer to provide for Ark of Hope for Children’s direct needs that is also a blessed option. If you are a survivor yourself, know you are dearly loved!

As a 501(c)(3) organization all donations through Ark of Hope for Children, Inc. are fully tax deductible #59-3585457

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