Raise Your Voice Against Accepting PedoSexuality

While most of society is busy running around, or arguing politics, others are very active in pushing their agenda’s. Some good.... Some quite twisted. Have you heard of the term Pedosexual? YourDictionary.com defines Pedosexual as “An adult who IS sexually active with children.”

I turn your attention to this article from April 23, 2017 in which Heart Progress, a gay rights organization joins others in asking, “Should the LGBTQ+ movement accept pedosexuals?” then the author answers, “I think that the answer is quite obvious: Absolutely!”

The article goes on to add, “Pedosexuals have helped achieve so much for the other sexual minority groups, that it would simply be unjust to allow them to suffer in discrimination due to hateful bigots on the right.”

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Do you think the term “suffer in discrimination” should be applied to the adult that is actively acting out sexually on a child? Most often the out of control adult refuses to control their sexual desires eventually causing physical harm to the child. From this comes years of emotional trauma and PTSD for the child. Ark of Hope for Children has seen this over and over among hundreds of people we have served directly and indirectly that were victimized as children.

Can we afford to apathetically sit back as this agenda gets pushed forward by very aggressive activists that have become very used to getting their way? We hold nothing against what some adult does with their body, as this is their choice, unless a person stands to be physically harmed, especially a child.

Ark of Hope assisted both adults and children that have been victimized within the extremes of cults, including those that are active within religious and even demonic ritual abuse. Where does the acceptance end?

Ark of Hope for Children is joining some of our friends on social media like Devon Hall who, on her blog, is calling for all of us, no matter what your sexual preference, to loudly stand against any of us accepting this as a norm. In her article, “Pedosexual is Not a Thing You Should Be Fighting For” Devon states, ““I” was a victim of pedophiles – I was impregnated by a pedophile. I was nearly killed by pedophiles and I even had friends who I loved and cherished that I later found out kidnapped and groomed children to be their victims.”

She goes on to say “Pedo sexuality is not a thing..... It’s unnatural and it’s inhuman. It causes lifelong altering damage to the victims and it’s not okay. It’s not something you should be fighting for, it is something you should be busting your **s trying to destroy...”

Ark of Hope for Children whole-heartedly agrees. Help us stand against another child, or adult victimized as a child, turning to the extremes of drugs and suicide to run away from the horrible memories. Don’t allow another child to be forced into life threatening operations and physical complications because some people simply don’t want to think with the right part of their body.

Please comment as well as pledge to join a large and growing chorus of voices against open and accepted pedo-sexualization as an option that ANY adult group would throw their support behind.

Thank you for standing with us in support of victimized children. If you choose to you can also financially support Ark of Hope for Children’s global awareness and services for adult and child survivors of #ChildAbuse and #HumanTrafficking. Through services such as our survivor support site Removing Chains we never charge survivors for any of our but count on support from an impassioned global community to keep us going.

2017-04-27 18:28:59