Online Safety Guide for Children and Teens

Author: Blair Corbett posted in Internet Safety

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The internet is an amazing resource. We can reach miles away, across the country and around the world. Ark of Hope for Children is proof that amazing wonderful things can be accomplished. Yet we all know that the web can be a very dark and unsafe place that can all too easily prey on our children.

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Whether you are a parent or a responsible caring adult it’s important that we all work together to watch out for as well as make the net safe for kids. Often you read awareness stories from Ark of Hope for Children about people victimized as children, so now we take this opportunity to be pro-active.

Ark of Hope is going to share some internet safety facts that adults need to be aware of provided by our good friends at KidGuard. In a great online article they share tips like these;

So whether an adult with or without kids, please click the link and read and share KidGuard’s article entitled “Parents' Survival Guide To Online Safety”.

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