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Mission and Goals

Ark of Hope for Children

Removing Chains survivor support site

thumb removingchainsArk of Hope for Children breaks the chains of child abuse, trafficking and bullying to lead survivors into lives filled with faith hope and love. We provide advocacy and care in three areas; child abuse, child trafficking and peer abuse (bullying). We help survivors experience unconditional love, emotional healing and life change. Our programs are meant to equip and empower them to mold the challenges of their past into hope filled futures.

Effective mentoring and emotional healing is taking place for youth from preteen to mid twenties. Even adult survivors of child abuses are finding new hope through Ark of Hope for Children. Pastor Blair Corbett has been applying focused listening techniques online as a survivors coach since 1992. We embark on training others with listening and trauma skills to reach out globally through Removing Chains, our own safe live chat victim to survivor support site.

Ark of Hope's Harbourage Safe Homes will be safe harbor homes for child trafficking victimsthumb harbourage that were rescued from their captors. Victims of child sex trafficking need the specialized environment we have planned for healing, transformation and redirection of their lives. In our custom designed living. Harbourage will help victimized male and female trafficking victims from birth to 25+ year's old transition to successful, independent adulthood.

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