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ALL donations during 2017 can earn Ark of Hope a $2,500 grant

to further our global e-mentoring and prevention support for child abuse, trafficking and bullying survivors! 

Do you doubt if child sex trafficking is really affects the children of the United States that are rented to the highest bidders? Ark of Hope for Children has been gathering and updating human trafficking statistics for years, along with serving the needs of survivors. We are proud to have been chosen by Desert Solace in their graphic representation of child slavery statistics for children on American soil. 

Please look over the following graphic and ponder what you can do to join us in the fight for the lives of victimized children. As this is posted prior to the Super Bowl 2014 please prayerfully consider if you can stay silent on this issue. 

Although Ark of Hope is not mentioned with the large awareness organizations, we are providing support daily on a global scale through our Removing Chains live chat support site, and through hands on care in our transitional living home. We are listed on the bottom of the image and we ask you to consider your support for us as a child trafficking survivor supporting nonprofit.

  • Through our Removing Chains live chat support site we daily provide mentoring style support for young and old survivors of child trafficking and child abuse around the globe.
  • Through our UnChained Project we are mobilizing advocates within their own communities and campuses for those traumatically victimized as children from all of these.
  • Our Harbourage transitional living homes for rescued child trafficking victims are planned around the long term recovery needs of those who are fortunate enough to be rescued. 

Consider supporting us via PayPal and please continually pray for all of the 29 million (and growing) victims of human trafficking throughout the world in the globes second largest industry.


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