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ALL donations during 2017 can earn Ark of Hope a $2,500 grant

to further our global e-mentoring and prevention support for child abuse, trafficking and bullying survivors! 


Podio online collaboration tool streamlines Ark of Hope teamwork.

Managing volunteer teams across the miles and states can be such a hard thing to do. Ark of Hope for Children is so grateful to Podio for making their online collaboration tools accessible to our nonprofit through their sponsorship program! Whether working closely with our eMentors on Removing Chains survivor support site or team mebers creating events in various communities we will now be able to work together much more easily.

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Ark of Hope enters Wells Fargo Works Project

Please check out Ark of Hope for Children's entry of into the Wells Fargo Works Project. This is a grant contest offered by Wells Fargo to any small business in need of support and professional guidance. Not only can winners receive $25,000 but they also receive invaluable support from a Wells Fargo business professional in an area that can best serve their business.

Ark of Hope entered our nonprofit Removing Chains live chat survivor support program into the Wells Fargo Works Project.

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FBI Rescues 168 Children from Human Trafficking...

We can work together to provide safe housing for them

"The FBI has rescued 168 children — the youngest 11 years old, and some of them never reported missing — in a coast-to-coast crackdown on sex traffickers, officials said Monday." These are America's children," said FBI Director James Comey." Read more on this story encouraging news story at the end of this post.

Ark of Hope for Children quietly began providing emergency transitional living shelter for some rescued victims such as these

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The Mexican drug cartels are spreading strongly into the U.S. with not only drug trafficking, but human trafficking and organ trafficking. They value children as mere commodities to sell, so I beg you all to please become educated in human trafficking, not only being watchful of signs of others who are trafficked, but how to protect your wives and children. There are tons of resources available. If you need help with any of that, please feel free to message me. And please pray for those fighting this war against unimaginable evil.

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Do you doubt if child sex trafficking is really affects the children of the United States that are rented to the highest bidders? Ark of Hope for Children has been gathering and updating human trafficking statistics for years, along with serving the needs of survivors. We are proud to have been chosen by Desert Solace in their graphic representation of child slavery statistics for children on American soil. 

Please look over the following graphic and ponder what you can do to join us in the fight for the lives of victimized children. As this is posted prior to the Super Bowl 2014 please prayerfully consider if you can stay silent on this issue. 

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Colethia Jenkins with BGE Radio and Television interviews Ark of Hope for Children about our work to transform lives shattered by the child victimizations of child abuse, human trafficking and bullying. We discussed Ark of Hope's programs and how God moved our focus towards human trafficking by bringing survivors of child trafficking to seek us out online from around the world for emotional support and to help them find their purpose to carry on. Listen in here!

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