Mexican Cartels Bring Human and Organ Trafficking to US

The Mexican drug cartels are spreading strongly into the U.S. with not only drug trafficking, but human trafficking and organ trafficking. They value children as mere commodities to sell, so I beg you all to please become educated in human trafficking, not only being watchful of signs of others who are trafficked, but how to protect your wives and children. There are tons of resources available. If you need help with any of that, please feel free to message me. And please pray for those fighting this war against unimaginable evil.


As I posted to Don Love the original poster of this story, I have worked through Ark of Hope For Children's programs to try to help such survivors of the horrors of ritual abuse and even organ trafficking to try to have a life more free from fear. People I tell say no, certainly not in this day and age. I say with knowledge, yes, and even in your country and region. Please help! We simply must rescue more.


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