Chain Breakers

Equipping and training volunteer Listeners, Mentors and Survivors Coaches

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Victims are quite often lingering on the fringes of society; disconnected, depressed, confused and all too often suicidal. Abuse victims feelthumb Giving up unaccepted by peers that don't care or understand. They often don't trust adults who represent those that most often abused them in the first place. Even so they yearn for compassionate people that truly care and will help them process their painful past. 

Chain Breakers Equipping Library is here! The library taps into Blair Corbett's 20+ years of experience as a Survivor's Coach to multiply his efforts to counter the effects of abuse in a Christ-like, loving, non-judgmental and non-discriminating way. Working with Ark of Hope you will help survivors build upon the abusive foundation of their past, strengthening them to lead successful, independent lives. We will do this by training up great listeners. You can learn from highly equipped trauma trainers in how to empower victims with healthy life skills, boundaries and much more.

Compassion filled listeners can be life savers for those suffering due to any form of abuse. Through Removing Chains, our live chat survivor support site, you can "stand in the gap" for victims worldwide. Through our Chains Breakers program Ark of Hope will equip impassioned caring people with keys that can be life changing for those suffering. We do not provide professional counseling but will try to connect individuals to localized professional help as well as needed or requested.


Chains Breakers Library

Insightful articles, videos and other resources that are shared with Ark of Hope fromthumb Circle of Hands around the internet will be collected in our training library. Mentors and interns will be able to receive very valuable insights from experts into helping people suffering from a wide variety of abuse related problems. Of course all volunteers, whether serving as mentors, college interns or as a survivors coach will be required to complete background checks for the safety of any "clients" seeking help from Ark of Hope for Children.

Survivors Coaches are the most highly committed e-mentors working with Ark of Hope on our Removing chains help site. These valuable individuals will receive expert training hours in different trauma assistance techniques led by a certified trauma specialist that works closely with us.

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