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Ark of Hope for Children is building an army. Will you join us on the front line of our army taking your stand “Against child abuse, child trafficking and bullying” that fights to "Restore Hope For survivors"?

HOPE is at the center of all Ark of Hope for Children does. To a survivor, hope is the reason to hang on in a world that they perceive to be only evil.

This makes our challenge become:

  • How can I, as a compassion filled individual, provide that spark of hope for a traumatized survivor?
  • How can a few of us mobilize to turn that spark into an eternal flame inside a survivor that provides them the courage to keep moving forward?
  • How can this front line army of compassion fan that flame into a fire within that survivor that empowers them to thrive: building upon their past to become a lighthouse of strength and courage and resilience?

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If you have read our book Removing Chains of Child Abuse then you will agree we cannot read those stories and allow one more child or adult survivor to stand alone.

If you have not read it get your copy here.

Join us below and receive your free Army of Hope pledge card and a PDF about recognizing the signs of child abuse. Sign the card and hang it on your fridge or other place you and others will see often that showcases your pledge to “Be the spark” for people victimized as children by human trafficking, child abuse or bullying. Whether you act within your own school, neighborhood or internationally with Ark of Hope through one of our programs like RemovingChains.org, the time for action is now and we welcome you!

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