"Harbourage" transitional living shelters 

Work towards Ark of Hope for Children's "Harbourage" transitional living and long term shelters for rescued child trafficking victims have been suspended due to lack of funds and feasability within the state of Florida for the type of program we offered. 


Blair and Verna Corbett, and Ark of Hope for Children were honored to have worked in conjunction with Homeland Security, the FBI and Florida state police in providinig short term emergency shelter and care for a few survivors for roughly two years. The rescued young people and one adult were an honor for us to serve. We were able to assess how to best meet their needs an dbegin a portion of their initial healing journey.

Ark of Hope for Children has developed a great working relationship with these and other unsung hero organizations who work to free captives from human slavery. These include our partners at ChildAbuse.com who worked to bring our Harbourage programs to reality. We continue with our other programs and indeed work daily supporting survivors of child abuse, child trafficking, ritual abuse and bullying. Through Ark of Hope's interventional and advocacy programs we work daily on a global scale using our virtual e-mentoring methods and Removing Chains live chat survivor support site to redirect and empower their once broken lives.

Other great organizations we worked with on Harbourage include;

BEST Stop Trafficking

Bishop's Outreach

Federal Burea of Investigations, (FBI) Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State Homeland Security, Tallahassee, Florida

The Defender Foundation


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