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Chains of Child Abuse
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Radio Interviews

Chains Breakers Audio

This page includes Interviews of Blair Corbett with Ark of Hope for Children. Interviews are about varying topics related to our service areas of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying and about Ark of Hope's various programs.

Please share from this page specifically about any interview that strikes you as being something other advocates or survivors need to here. Thank you!

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2017, August 3: Interview by Moments of Clarity With Tiffany Wehrner


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Early 2017: Interview by Moments of Clarity With Tiffany Wehrner

Discussed: Adverse Childhood Experience’s Study and the traumatic mental and physical effects to the brain from different forms of abuse; misdiagnoses by the foster care system and schools; Listening to survivors via our Removing Chains live chat support site; the need for all people knowing the signs of child abuse and child trafficking; Children’s Advocacy Centers; don’t fear reporting your abuse! #MaleAbuse, #ChildTrafficking, #ChildAbuse, #RemovingChains, #AdultSurvivors, #SelfHarm, #Overcoming

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