Race UnChained with Team Removing Chains & Ark of Hope for Children!


Run, walk, swim, ride and more for child abuse, child trafficking and bullying survivors through our Removing Chains survivor support program!

So many athletes hit some sort of track each year. We are so proud of your achievements and this year we are looking for amateur and professional athletes running marathons, walkathons, triathalons, biking or bowling to do it to help survivors of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying that Ark of Hope for Children helps and reaches out to. We will even provide you your own T-Shirt for entering and running with us if you will start one of our cool Crowdrise fundraisers like the one to the right!

 Imagine those who are bound by trafficking or abuse right now! Now think of those who may be free, but feel permanently bound in their own minds from traumas they are fighting to escape. Some have just begun the fight, some don't know where to turn or who to turn to. Some cannot afford professional help or have no insurance. Many cannot speak of the horrors they faced with anyone face to face, so they suffer alone behind ever tightening walls. We can be the change in their lives. Let's help them remove their chains by Racing Unchained and providing funds we desperately need to serve their needs! 

Race Unchained is inspired by abuse survivor and Ark of Hope supporter Dan Villa. Dan was to run a few triathalons for victims of abuse and wear our logo, however Dan has had to delay his racing for health reasons.

Whether you have already chosen your racing event for this year, or you want to be in one, you can now race WITH US! Once you have started your Racing Unchained Team Fundraiser and raised a small amount of funds, Ark of Hope will provide you with an official Racing Unchained with Team Removing Chains shirt you can wear before, during and after the race in appreciation for partnering with us. Ark of Hope for Children wants to partner with you as we all support victims of child abuse, child trafficking and bullying globally.

There are rewards you could win from Crowdrise for donating and for starting your own team page with Ark of Hope! Click here to see the latest Crowdrise promotions

Here is how to start your event page;

  1. Click this link to go this Crowdrise.com
  2. Register or login- It is a FUN & social site that doesn't ever annoy
  3. Enter your race, marathon or event. Even if its small you being in it will make it famous!
  4. Select this Racing Unchained with Team Removing Chains page
  5. Click “Create Your Fundraiser” to start your own team and you will automatically be partnered with us on this one!
  6. Modify the title; something like I am Racing Unchained in My City Marathon sounds cool!
  7. Set your fundraising goal. Crowdrise will handle all the donations and tax deduction receipts.
  8. Pictures provided should help but they can be removed. Change the words to anything you want but we have some provided to help you out.
  9. Save it and you have just started “Your Race” Unchained!
  10. We will know right away that you have made one, but it will be helpful if you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give us the awesome news first hand!
  11. Donating to your own will get the fundraiser meter moving right away and encourage all of your friends.
  12. Now invite friends, share it, tweet it, pin it, email it over and over. (Gradually so you don't spam, but often enough so people remember). The more people see it the better chance they will react.

Below is your content area. Remove this line and everything above it;

I am making a difference... I am helping to Remove Their Chains!

Every year hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are victimized or trafficked at the hands of abusers. Whether abused physically or sexually; whether rented hourly for sex or trapped in forced labor, the personal toll is horrendous. Thousands of adults, once victimized as children, still suffer years later with fear, trust issues, traumatic flashbacks, PTSD, night terrors and more. Too many find themselves with little to no help, but why should they suffer in silence? Ark of Hope and their Removing Chains support site help them, now I am choosing to help more be heard and find Hope!

Removing Chains live chat support site, as part of Ark of Hope for Children, is breaking the chains that enslave survivors through impassioned eMentors and Survivors Coaches. Along with self-help resources and helping survivors find local help near them no matter where they live globally you can help break their chains. They even plan the Harbourage Safe Homes to provide long term care in Florida for rescued child trafficking victims.

Friends and my online followers please sponsor me in my event! Ark of Hope will provide me with an official Racing Unchained with Team Removing Chains shirt for the race. Your support will empower me as I race knowing that I will be helping victimized children and adults with every step. Your donations are 100% tax deductible. Please help by supporting me, then share this with everyone you know. Let’s Remove Their Chains Together!

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