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Needs of Bullying Survivors

As noted in the teen bullying statistics that Ark of Hope for Children has gathered victims of bullying are still not getting the attention they deserve. Schools and their staff, from bus driver to principal are simply not stepping in to make a difference often enough. We hear it from many of the people we talk to, including parents of bullying victims,

"Everybody gets bullied at one time or another."

bullying standalone04BannerReally?? Is this what we simply give in to? Ark of Hope for Children says "No way!" We suggest that the trauma caused clearly shows that child bullying is child abuse with a different and younger offender (peer abuse). To make matters worse, with the technology at the hands of sometimes heartless people who value fun over feelings, our children are now dying from suicide in record numbers. With this in mind Ark of Hope for Children has sought out solutions. 

Yet we don't have all the answers. Ark of Hope has seen many wonderful programs popping up here and there. Some well intentioned people are getting involved and attempting to make a change. Bravo fellow warriors against abuse! And yet, bullying continues to increase, as do adolescent and teen suicides. We have struggled to identify why and how this can be. Our children must wear helmets to ride a bicycle, yet adults still are not putting an end to something just as damaging and far more prevalent? 

Enough is enough! What we do know is that some bullying programs running with some good ideas and with a certain amount of success. In Ark of Hope for Children's desire to find a working solution, we are joining ideas and joining forces to collaborate with some impassioned change makers of our time. These are individuals and organizations that are determined to and have been making a difference for our bullied youth. They are those groups with humble hearts are willing to join forces to make a larger, sustainable and lasting impact. 

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