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This page links to the many current opportunities available within Ark of Hope for Children and our program areas which include;

Volunteer opportunities are separated into the following program areas;

  • Ark of Hope's Gainesville/North Florida area positions - These are generallly more intensive positions where we seek a four to 12 month commitment to regular volunteer hours at or near our main office. (Ark of Hope for Children is the Umbrella organization over all of the programs).
  • Ark of Hope's Virtual serve-from-home positions - These are virtual positions that can often be done from the comfort of your own home nationally, or perhaps internationally.
  • Removing Chains support site -eMentoring Services - These virtual positions are for volunteer advocates wishing to act as Junior Listeners, Listeners, Mentors or Survivors Coaches on our  Removing Chains text chat survivor support site.
  • UnChained Project "serve-in-my-community" positions - These positions uniquely allow individuals to act as ambassadors advocating for those victimized as children by child abuse, child trafficking and bullying that live within their own community.
  • Removing Chains support site -general positions - These are virtual general volunteer opportunities for our Removing Chains live chat survivor support site.

Background Checks

Background checks are required for volunteers 18+ due to the ability to help often helping children and youth. The fee of $32.oo* is paid by the applicantbackground check button. Click register on Verified Volunteers link to begin!

* In areas where counties or administrative courts charge Verified Volunteers fees for access to information, the fees will be passed along and the amount will be reflected in the total cost during Step 4 of the order process.

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