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Reading Resources - Chain Breakers Library

Chains Breakers Reading 

"To equip Listeners for Removing Chains support site while mobilizing advocates for survivors globally"

Ark of Hope for Children provides our Reading Resources section of our Chain Breakers Library, as a resource to assist advocates in better understanding what survivors may be feeling, and what might help them. These articles have been gathered by Ark of Hope and our ambassadors from around the internet. While we find portions to be useful, none of these resources serve as any kind of a diagnosis, or replacement for therapy, but as a possible source for insight or method of support.

Each article has a share button and links to any original article it has quoted. If you appreciate what you read please share using the share tools provided.

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For other audio, video and reading resources for advocates go to the Chain Breakers Equipping Library main page.

To find audio, video, reading and image self-help resources for survivors please visit the Library of Hope on our Removing Chains survivor support site.

If you have suggestions for any of these resources areas please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you recommend an article, audio, image or video that is already online be sure to include the link to it. We will have to request permission to use the article exactly as is, or if they want us to link to it instead while quoting certain portions in our own article. If you know the author, asking for advanced permission and a contact email for us will be a huge help!


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