Project For Healing Humanity (phase 1) thanks their

Spokesmen, Contributors and Supporters!

Project for Healing Humanity and founder Fernanda Mejia Varnamkhasti have been thrilled to play a role in unity around healing for victims of abuse and their families. 1 ½ years hosting 8 live online vigils for those affected by sexual abuse. That being said, the time to for PfHH to transition is at hand. We are thankful and grateful for those who have followed and participated. Project for Healing closed our original Facebook and Google+ pages and website on August 24 to make room for phase ll of Project for Healing Humanity with Dianna O'Hara and Wayne Snellgrove. However we know something great was begun and we are thankful that Ark of Hope for Children will continue vigils live online AND live locally in states and regions internationally through the UnChained Project, their associated UnChained Project Facebook page and groups as well as their Google+ Page. Having managed the technical side of organizing all of the vigils we know they are in good hands. We know this will be a great next chapter to our work. We encourage everyone to join their pages and groups which will be shared below. Some great partnerships began and many new friendships were formed all of which was beyond what we ever could have expected. If you are a survivor of any forms of the sexual abuses we served, we turn you to these great organizations that have come along side us throughout our run. Please turn to the following care organizations for great care that we know you will receive.

  • Removing Chains live chat survivor support directed by Ark of Hope’s Blair Corbett (serving all forms of child abuse, trafficking & bullying)
  • Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery directed by Patricia McKnight (serving all forms of child abuse)
  • The Defender Foundation led by founder Dan Benedict (rescuing human trafficking victims across the U.S.)
  • Holding of Wrist led by founder Jimmy Elliott (serving young sufferers of depression, self-harm and suicidal thought)
  • Diana O’Hara and Wayne Snellgrove's Dancing With Destiny will embrace any fellow survivors of the Magdalene laundries (Europe) or Good Shepherd Laundries (North America), as well as Native American abuse

We simply could not close out with a resounding THANK YOU to the following people that have been so supportive of Project for Healing Humanity. We cherish you.

  • Sherinata Pollock
  • Jerome Elam, abuse & trafficking survivor, journalist Washington Times Communities, abuse victim advocate
  • Sherna Alexander Benjamin, O.A.B.I Voices
  • Blair Corbett, Survivors Coach, Removing Chains and Ark of Hope
  • Dan Benedict, founder The Defender Foundation
  • Jimmy Elliott, founder Holding of Wrist
  • Diana O’Hara, Good Shepherd laundries survivor
  • Laurie Anderson Stinson, author - Blessings of Abuse
  • Allen West
  • Marco Mall
  • Elizabeth Ossip - social worker and Breathwork coach
  • Arthur Curtis,  Breathworker, male survivor
  • Gary Woodings, male survivor
  • Liliana Pato, PfHH Latin America Pages
  • Nayano Burdine, provided the space for the first local vigil
  • Valerie Silidker from Expand the love
  • Tamela Stormy Burckhardt for opening the space for us in Europe
  • Andrea Barreto and Tahia Marta Maria Atehortua- for supporting the Latin American pages
  • Winter Fights DV for her amazing contribution in Canada
  • Wayne William Snellgrove for representing Indigenous Victims
  • Michal Madison for her beautiful art
  • Patricia Mc knight for providing a space for the Magdalene women on her radio show
  • Kenneth Hieber for providing space on his radio show to the survivors of the Magdalene Laundries
  • Chik Shank for providing the logo and making the first web page and giving us emotional support
  • Stacy Sossner, Lela A. Albert, Maureen Vendetti, Carlton Buller, Laurie Scoop, Lori Reyes, Rick Figley, Nancy Mangan Advocate Project, Connie Lee, Dr. Jaime Romo, Marco Mall  and Allen West, Carola Novoa, Micheal Castaldo,Martha Bermudez and Francesa Moscatelli
  • Silvia M. Constantino and Rita Anne Stott
  • Dr Mary Jo Odom for providing a platform for an interview for some of the survivors


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