Past Online Vigils Make Way for the Future

Project for Healing Humanity and founder Fernanda Mejia Varnamkhasti began online vigils to promote unity and healing for victims of abuse and their families in early 2012. In cooperation with technical and leadership help from Blair Corbett and Ark of Hope for Children, PfHH hosted all of the following original live vigils using Google+ Live Hangouts. PfHH has handed off future vigils for survivors of abuse to Ark of Hope for Children due to our passionate service to and for survivors of abuse through RemovingChains.org and our UnChained Project. 

 World Vigil-3

 Ark of Hope for Children will continue the work begun by the vigils as part of our global UnChained Project. Plans are in the works for live and online vigils as well as interviews and more.  

View the original World Online Vigil videos on our YouTube playlist below or access them individually by clicking the links within each vigil description area.

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World Vigil for Those Affected by Institutional Abuse

September 21, 2012  -  Click this link to view this vigil video


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World Vigil for Sex Trafficking Victims & Survivors

December, 2012  -  Click this link to view this vigil video


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World Vigil for Trafficking Victims, QnA

January 10, 2013  -  Click this link to view this vigil video Due to the heavy response from the first trafficking vigil we created this follow up Question and Answer vigil. Questions were posed prior to this live vigil.


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World Vigil for Those Self Harming Due to Sexual Abuse

February 10, 2013  -  Click this link to view this vigil video


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