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Beyond Survivor

Rising From the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse

by Jan Frayne

Jan Frayne's masterful nonfiction book, Beyond Survivor - Rising from the Ashes of Childhood Sexual Abuse, is an amazing collection of poetry and storytelling. The author's childhood history is laid out before us with an all too seldom found mastery of language that interweaves the readers' heart with his. Peer into the soul of the hurting abused child within yearning for freedom from torment by memories of a childhood stolen.

Beyond Survivor shines a much needed light on the lifelong pain and turmoil faced by physical and sexually abused children. Delving deeper than that, Jan's insightful book shows us the true raw emotions of male child abuse victims; those most often ignored as true victims by an apathetic society. Too many child abuse victims, male and female, young and old, are lost in its grip to turn a blind eye any longer.

If you have faced abuse of any form, allow author Jan Frayne to share with you his journey of strength, hope and survival. There is life for you in abundance that is built upon your past, not in ignorance of it. Your yearning for a life of victory over darkness can be realized. Allow Jan's empathetic heart and words to journey with you towards your own future filled with hope filled expectancy.

Survivorship is a delicate balance of hope, faith and determination to claw one's way out of horrific circumstances. It is an existence filled with fear,thumb Beyond Survivor back doubt and a destroyed ability to trust most anyone, especially adults. To the victim the future appears to be an uphill, very lonely battle up a seemingly insurmountable sheer rock cliff. Child abuse victims, no matter how old, too often live in the shadows, on the fringes of life. So often they are unnoticed by those of us running through life's accomplishments unaware of the lost souls that watch us float by without even a glance.

If you have never been through the pain of physical and sexual abuse, then Beyond Survivor is a must read. It is time for that world to wake up and take notice of the shadowed lives we tread upon along every sidewalk of life. It is time for all of us to turn and look into the tear filled eyes of battle weary soldiers in those nooks and crannies and reach out our hand. Do you have the courage to allow your heart to be changed?

Thank you to my friend, author Jan Frayne. I applaud you for sharing your passion filled work in the hope of lifting other lost souls out of the pit of despair and into lives of promise. I am proud to walk that road with you.

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Blair Corbett

Founder, Ark of Hope for Children – "Removing the Chains of Child Abuse"

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