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 Restoring Hope: Removing 
Chains of Child Abuse
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World Online Vigil for People Self Harming due to Sexual Abuse as a Child or Adult

Lifting up victims, survivors and their families
aired February 10, 2013


Presented by Project for Healing Humanity

Guest Speakers;

Blair Corbett from Ark of Hope for Children (

Jimmy Elliott (from the US) from Holding of Wrist.

Holding of Wrist was started in 2008 by Jimmy Elliott after going through personal experiences such as self-harm, depression and suicidal thoughts. Today, Holding of Wrist has over 150,000 supporters and a staff of five that work constantly to support those dealing with those issues. Holding of Wrist has replied to over 75,000 people from people in over 50 countries. Jimmy Elliott has been making videos on YouTube for several years totaling over 200,000 views & has gained 50,000 Twitter followers which allows him to offer hope & love to even more people.


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Suggested Books;
Healing the Hurt within by Jan Sutton
Bright Red Scream by Marilee Strong
Understanding Self Harm by Joan Freeman