CyberBullying: The Complete Resource Guide

Ark of Hope for Children has discovered a valuable read for all of us to use relating to the epidemic of #CyberBullying. The costs are so high due to the hopeless feelings caused that lead so many victims to extreme loneliness, self-harm, depression and too often suicide.

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Ark of Hope consistently asks relating to victimized children, do we just not know the signs, or are we too apathetic or uninformed as to what we can do that can stop the situation? We all need to become informed because the cyberbullying victim is one against a mass of bullies using electronic devices and social networks. They need our support without having to ask because so often they have no clue who they can trust anymore when the attacks are coming. We need to be aware and, like firemen, run into the fire.

This article links to a very informative piece by Joseph Keller from BackGround Checks, “Cyberbullying: The Complete Resource Guide” is quite comprehensive covering everything from:

  • What is cyberbullying?
  • Identifying it from both the victim and the perpetrators sides
  • How to properly defend and support the victim
  • Current penalties and punishments of cyberbullying (in the USA)

The article by Joseph, originally titled “Helping the Bullied and Stopping the Bullies” is so very much inline with Ark of Hope for Children and our principles. We have always stood for becoming informed of an issue that is victimizing children, then inspiring, empowering and mobilizing the local masses to step up and step in.

It is all of our responsibility not to walk away from a fire or accident without reporting it. However, in the case of cyberbullying too often we are because we just don’t realize the signs, or are too uninformed to realize what we can do about it. The bullies will pay a heavy price if we are bold. They, acting no different than a wolf pack, think they are strong because of the strength of the pack mentality, but if they face our numbers, and get them reported they are finally paying high prices for their actions within the United States.

Ark of Hope for Children and our volunteers run into the fire almost every day for survivors of bullying, child abuse and human trafficking. We KNOW the difference a bit of love and support can make.

Please check out the piece, “CyberBullying: The Complete Resource Guide” by Background Checks.

Together let’s all “help the bullied and stop the bullies”.

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