2017 A Look Back for Ark of Hope

With the arrival of Christmas 2017 Ark of Hope for Children wishes to express our deep gratitude to our many followers, volunteer supporters, advocates and of course the survivors that have trusted us. I cannot truly express how humbled I am by your level of care and patience with us during the past year. This year I…. WE hit severe compassion fatigue (burnout) after doing this for 20+ years and heavily online since 2008 when we began assisting survivors of child trafficking and child abuse online. Following the suicide of one teen and rejection of support by another, I spent a good portion of this year feeling as if I could not find words that could help others when I struggled at times to help myself. Yet you stood by us.

Crumbling finances took their toll as well.

Ark of Hope Looks Back at 2017

Funding for our nonprofit organization was dramatically low this year, and even though it couldn’t afford me as is usual, it was starting to drain our family finances. My family supported Ark of Hope for many years but as of late, that simply was not enough. So in 2017 I started working full time again for a great company that appreciates my website and social media skill sets. I could never quit Ark of Hope but had to allow it to be second for the first time in years. It has helped us shore things up money wise, but cost me time away from my care roll at Ark of Hope for Children and still, followers, advocates and survivors alike… you stood by us.

Many probably don’t realize that I am an adult care-giver for my wife, whose health has taken a hard turn, and also for her ex-husband, a dear “brother” of mine, as well as three of ourArkChristmasPaypal 2016 2Click Image for Paypal Fee Free Giving adopted daughters that are mentally and some physically challenged so they can’t hold normal jobs. We are a great team and all have grabbed hold of a role to fill. A few years ago we had been taking in rescued human trafficking survivors into our home and they each were very blessed by it. That Ark of Hope program, called Harbourage, ended in the form you read about, because Florida state laws stropped allowing us to (don’t get me going).

But I came to re-embrace the truth that out of my amazing family was birthed Ark of Hope for Children due to our adoptions of 5 once abused children. All were destined to be state “throw aways” because of their “special abilities,” but we said heck no. So with 10 kids and 3 adults we started Ark of Hope in 1999 birthed from those very adoptions. Therefore, I have personally embraced this year that Harbouorage continues through my amazing family and ask you, our followers and supporters, should we rename this branch of Ark of Hope?

All these years, and now through the few adult Corbett children that are left, they continue in support of Ark of Hope every day. Most, led by Verna, run our Ebay Resale Shop called “Children R Not For Sale.” We all have a part to play and I am so blessed to have a part of our family that has embraced our goals of care giving for survivors who may be less fortunate than us for a while.

The end of this year has provided us another blow in a further negative diagnosis for my wife Verna. So we are coming to terms with how we will fight a debilitating life threatening illness, while celebrating life itself every day.

We at Ark of Hope, however, may get blown by the winds of life, or even knocked down sometimes, but we do not give up. We thank our past and current advocates and supporters for holding us up, sharing and commenting our posts, volunteering and donating to keep us afloat. This is the first of our year-end posts seeking support with YOUR year-end tax-deductible giving. Please reflect on if you are called to donate what you can, or share to your followers on the social networks, or both. You can do so from this article using the link provided, which is different depending on what social network it is posted on. Thankfully, thru all of the mentioned sources this year, they all are providing FEE FREE giving!

ArkAngels Ark

Thank you for being our ArkAngels!

~Blair Corbett, founder, Ark of Hope for Children

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