World Vigil for People Affected by Institutional Abuse

aired September 21, 2012

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Watch this Youtube video from our live onine vigil for those affected by institutional abuse. Institutional abuse is a plague of all forms of abuse happening within “trusted” institutions caring for everyone from children to our beloved elders in adult care facilities. Institutional abuse includes physical, sexual, financial, discriminatory abuses and neglect. It can happen behind closed doors within our;


Schools, public and private

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Foster care
  • Mental Health facilities (in patient)
  • Child daycare
  • Rehabilitation homes

Victims and survivors need our attention, our prayers, our loud voices and our action. They are often trapped in their situation due to age and need for specialized care. But what they can often be receiving via neglect and abuse feels like torture and entrapment. 

This worldwide vigil was to acknowledge the impact that sexual assault, incest, child abuse of all types, and domestic abuse / violence has had on our human family. The subject of abuse is not one that most people choose to acknowledge because it is such a painful topic. Victims and survivors need us to collectively join together. They KNOW the pain, reality and lifelong turmoil that is most often caused by abuse.

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