Podio online collaboration tool streamlines Ark of Hope teamwork.

Managing volunteer teams across the miles and states can be such a hard thing to do. Ark of Hope for Children is so grateful to Podio for making their online collaboration tools accessible to our nonprofit through their sponsorship program! Whether working closely with our eMentors on Removing Chains survivor support site or team mebers creating events in various communities we will now be able to work together much more easily.

As our Unchained Project ramps up this will be a key in being able to unify efforts for optimal success. Thanks to Podio our team leaders are able to communicate, plan, brain storm andpodio sponsored-300 work together from anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful as we work to create successful events in one city that we then can duplicate in other locations. Ppodio even allows us to video conference each other form within their system!

Podio is an amazing online tool allowing for team collaboration with anyone that has a computer or smart phone. With tons of apps that can be added it can be customized to fit the great work your organization is doing. If you are a nonprofit organization with team members that need to brain storm and sync across the miles but have a limited budget like Ark of Hope, click this link to request a sponsorship. You will be happy you did!

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