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Operation Extreme Care

Operation Extrteme Care

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Ark of Hope for Children has a super volunteer and mentee that once aged-out of foster care and has been helping others ever since. While focusing on how to help other foster and once abused youth with how to age out with success, he enlisted in the military. Now a ranking officer in a war zone he is still only thinking of others and continues to help Ark of Hope from afar as he can.

He has been so supportive of our efforts, that when he reached about most of his “group” not getting care packages from home that Ark of Hope jumped on it. We have launched Operation Extreme Care and we need your $5 to $10 care packages rushed to us, so we can rush them to 80+ enlisted troops in an active war zone that need encouragement and moral boosts from home. No matter what your stance, let’s support these men AND women!

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Preventing Child Abduction, Kidnapping and Missing Children

Parents' Guide to Preventing Child Abduction, Kidnapping and Missing Children

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Ark of Hope for Children’s good friends at KidGuard have put together a great infographic “A Parents' Guide to Preventing Child Abduction, Kidnapping, and Missing Children”.
The piece has some enlightening facts on child abduction and missing children that may surprise you and even ease some of your fears.

Included are insightful videos and a lot of great graphics. We encourage you to read it and share it with any parents you know. We find the article to be very helpful in protecting our greatest asset; our children!

Read the Parents' Guide to Preventing Child Abduction, Kidnapping here

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