100 Teens Rescued From Sex Trafficking... Now What?

According to this NBC News article more than 100 teens were rescued in child sex trafficking stings throughout the US on a weekend in 2013. WOW! Not only does this show the depth of the problem within the US, but if you read between the lines you see a much different problem.

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What now for those 100 rescued teens? Long term care is still needed four years later to assist true rehabilitation but way too few beds are available nationally. Long term emotional support is desperately needed yet most often not available at all to child survivors of sex trafficking.

Many were likely run aways from abusive homes so they can't go back there. Many will head towards foster care in homes where they won't be understood for the trauma caused by being rented sexually 10-20 times a day. Ark of Hope for Children has developed an understanding of their needs from having helped many past victims of ttrafficking cope emotionally over the last six years.

Please share & support Ark of Hope for Children's Removing Chains site where we help child trafficking and child abuse survivors in live chat globally. 

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