thumb BirthdayBashArk of Hope for Children became a teenager in December of 2013 based on when we became an official nonprofit organization. Help celebrate our birthday by fundraising using your birthday, anniversary or special event this year and let's multiply the impact!

Ark of Hope and founders Blair and Verna Corbett have been through many battles, seen a few mountain tops and many more valleys. No matter what we have been through we have never wavered from our focus on victims of child abuse, child trafficing and bullying. We have always been dedicated to finding any means to transform their lives to be filled with faith, hope and love.

Let's work together to bring this adolescent organization into its teenage years with strength. We may be only 12 right now but we have huge plans! So many survivors are in need of what we can offer. With your support we can change many more lives that can build on the foundation of their abuse rather than falling victim to it.

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