thumb GirlinTheWindowArk of Hope for Children helps abused and neglected children, hoping to bring them to light, hope and fullness. For this amount of neglect I have no words. Please comment once you read the full story.

"Her caseworker determined that she had never been to school, never seen a doctor. She didn't know how to hold a doll, didn't understand peek-a-boo. "Due to the severe neglect," a doctor would write, "the child will be disabled for the rest of her life.""

"The authorities had discovered the rarest and most pitiable of creatures: a feral child.

The term is not a diagnosis. It comes from historic accounts — some fictional, some true — of children raised by animals and therefore not exposed to human nurturing. Wolf boys and bird girls, Tarzan, Mowgli from The Jungle Book."

Read the fullarticle here by Lane DeGregory, journalist, Tampa Bay Times

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Thank you- Blair Corbett, founder, Ark of Hope for Children

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