Hey advocates for adult survivors of child abuse, Ark of Hope for Children is excited to be going to Ocoee, FL near Orlando for the Central Florida Film Festival on Saturday, August 31, 2013. We, as Ark of Hope for Children and UnChained Florida will be honored to view the documentary of Pursuit of Truth and meet Valerie Gibson the Executive Director. Pursuit of Truth is an excellent documentary about adult child abuse survivors seeking justice. We hope many take any opportunity to see this highly important film.

Pursuit of Truth sheds much needed light on the long lasting struggles adult survivors of child abuse face in emotionally dealing with the trauma of the past. The film shows how an unfriendly justice system blocks their way towards seeking justice against their abuser. Statutes of Limitations on child abuse victims seeking justice simply must change in every state individually, and the film shows why and how. 

UnChained Project is here for survivors and I hope others will join me in Ocoee, or be able to see it at viewings the UnChained Project plans to arrange around the country.

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