As founder of Ark of Hope for Children I am thankful the American Psychiatric Association (APA) said "this was an error" when they associated pedophilia as being a sexual orientation. Thank God and we hope the reprint comes with haste. We can only hope the APA is not on the path to reclassification of pedophilia over time. Those victimized, many facing life-long trauma into their 40's and 50's do NOT need psycho-specialists delivering a message that comes anywhere close to accepting what happened to them as anything but extremely damaging to them as a person.

Over the past decade Ark of Hope for Children has formally and informally providing an ear of hope to hundreds of adults and young people victimized sexually by adults. Some have found an independent and successful path for their lives. However, what would appear to be a vast majority have struggled to find any form of success in overcoming their past. This we feel is due to the lack of intervention in their lives. Perhaps some we have helped, or that have found support elsewhere would like to chime in using the comments area on the need for services such as these?

One can argue how can we intervene if we do not know the root? While it is true that so many suffer in silence it is due to a largely apathetic or even critical society worldwide. Our minds want to believe that once they are free physically, they are completely free. This is so far from the truth as so many suffer imprisonment and continued abuse within their own minds for a lifetime. If this doesn't happen while they are young it is often because they bury their pain, only to have it resurface with a life changing vengeance in their 30's, 40's and even 50's.

In the meantime, Ark of Hope for Children and Removing Chains, our live chat survivor support site for those victimized by child abuse stand with you, young or old! If you need help please visit our Removing Chains site that is growing weekly. We aim to be the light you have been longing for using our anonymous and safe website along with almost all of the social networks.

We are beginning to build a force on the ground as well through our UnChained Project. Through this we are working to bring advocacy and outstretched arms of awareness, love and support to your community for those victimized by any form of child abuse. It is our goal to help you break your silence by knowing people within your own community care through support groups, awareness campaigns.

If you are a therapist, counselor or impassioned person wishing to partner with us to make this happen within your city, state or region please contact us through our volunteer pages for the UnChained Project. Many are suffering in cities around the world that have little to no access to health care support but are so deserving of interventional hope.

And if you have a heart to help those victimized, or are a survivor yourself that has a heart to "Pay It Forward" from your wealth of experiences using the internet from the comfort of your own home or office, please offer your help as a volunteer on Ark of Hope's site, or in Removing Chains volunteer area. As a global support site for those victimized by child abuse, child trafficking, bullying and more, we need all the help we can get!

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