Protecting kids from pedophiles online

Most of us want to protect our children online. We have learned to do this the hard way from stories of rapes and abductions by sex offenders luring young people from social network sites like Facebook, etc. What if judges said freedom of speech for sex offenders outweighs us protecting kids from pedophiles online?


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Matt Smith a journalist with CNN just published the following statements in an article on that very topic. Matt states, “Indiana can't kick all registered sex offenders off instant messaging services, chat rooms or social networking sites like Facebook, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

“The state passed a law in 2008 that was aimed at keeping predators from trolling the Internet for new victims. But that law "broadly prohibits substantial protected speech rather than specifically targeting the evil of improper communications to minors," a three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded.

Read the rest of Matt’s insightful article by clicking the link below, but Ark of Hope for Children wants to hear what you say about this disturbing turn of events. Please comment on our article below.


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