Happy Thanksgiving wonderful Ark of Hope for Children followers and supporters. We are so encouraged by you. So many become filled with compassion towards victimized children during the holidays. Especially the child abuse and child trafficking victims that Ark of Hope serves. Now we really need your help so we can serve them better and serve more of them.

Ark of Hope for Children just launched our own live chat social support site for young and old victims of child abuse at RemovingChains.org. The site allows us to provide focused support to victimized people worldwide, as we have been doing on social networks for years. On Ark of Hope’s website we have just revealed our architectural renderings for Harbourage, safe homes for rescued child trafficking victims. Designed around their unique needs Harbourage can fill the urgent need for safe homes, which the U.S. government says is their most critical need.

 Both projects are so dear to our hearts and are revealed just prior to founder Blair Corbett’s wife being hospitalized for intestinal complications once again. Blair just launched Ark of Hope’s international fundraising effort through the Mozilla Firefox Challenge on Crowdrise.com just before Thanksgiving. Unfortunately Verna was hospitalized that night. So we really need you and your social networking skills! Most of us are well connected to friends this time of year. And most are well connected in social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and more. Ark of Hope has a presence on almost all of the major social networks but we NEED your help.

HarborSm-1thumbArk of Hope for Chidren is recruiting an army of social network warriors to expand the reach of the Mozilla Firefox Challenge by sharing to your own networks. Donations are needed and we know they will come as these two great efforts are shared. With the Child Trafficking Safe Homes Challenge anyone can donate, and even start your own fundraising team to partner with ours. The Firefox Challenge runs on Crowdrise.com through Christmas until January 10,2013. The top 3 fundraisers will receive a $20k, $30k or $50,000 bonus from Mozilla Firefox! All donations are fully tax deductible, so reach out to those that need a great yearend tax write off.

The Harbourage effort on the Firefox Challenge needs to be shared daily by dozens of IW’s (Internet Warriors). Tweeters, Tumblrs, Pinteresters; we are calling on you to do what you do so well! Using AddThis or ShareThis you can share it to Facebook, or just copy paste the link and a description right from the Crowdrise page! Sharing options are on every page of Ark of Hope for Children and Removing Chains websites.

Black Friday is behind us and Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the New Year’s holidays are before us. Can you imagine an easier way to help abused children in need then by becoming one of our Ark Angel Internet Warriors? Right from the comfort from your own home you can share and help fund those of us who are actively helping victims globally free of charge every day. Let’s win the Mozilla Firefox Challenge together; and provide life change for child trafficking and child abuse victims around the world. Whether donating, fundraising or social networking, thanks in advance for joining team Ark Angel as an Internet Warrior.

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