Once rescued from the horrors of child trafficking or child abuse, physical relief can be found. But the emotional torture and enslavement does stop with intervention. On Giving Tuesday 2013, and every other day of the year your giving and volunteerism can now have an enormous impact on those rescued from human trafficking, child abuse and bullying.

Across the U.S. and around the world tens of thousands suffer in silence with the after effects of severe child abuse, child trafficking, religious and institutional abuse, bullying and other forms of victimization. These effects can last a lifetime including extreme fears, night terrors, flashbacks, PTSD and a host of emotional disorders. Thousands have no idea where to turn or who to trust, lacking support of any kind.

Together we now can help them out of the shadows and break their silence from the safety of their own homes! For those victimized, young and old, Ark of Hope for Children has built an innovative, safe and anonymous new text chat website called Removing Chains. Through our 10+ live chat rooms on RemovingChains.org survivors can find support in group or private chat.

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With over 1,000 site members and many more through all of the social networks survivors of all kinds are finding Removing Chains support site. Removing Chains provides survivors with support, encouragement and direction through dozens of volunteer Listeners, Mentors and Coaches; a developing case management system; and a growing library of support materials; and a developing link system to connect them to help in their area anywhere in the world.

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Your support will help Removing Chains live chat survivor support hit the high marks we have set for ourselves in helping survivors out of the darkness and into lifelong Hope! We have partnered with Giving Tuesday 2013 AND the Crowdrise.com Holiday Challenge 2013 to accomplish our goals. 

Why Crowdrise and not one of the other crowdfunding sources? Crowdrise funds get to Ark of Hope much sooner allowing us to move forward faster than soe other crowdfunding platforms. Crowdrise offers great prizes for you and incredible bonuses for Ark of Hope for Children as we hit certain benchmarks.  We will share those Crowdrise prizes in blog posts and social network blasts as they become available! Huffington Post and CraigConnects have partered to make this the best Crowdrise Holiday Challenge ever! Thanks to them all right now, any time you give at least $10 to our Stomp Out The Darkness Challenge, you'll be entered to go to the Anchorman: The Legend Continues premiere. For real! So donate to change lives to the right, then tell everyone you know!

Consider these successes even in the early beta stages of Removing Chains;

  • A woman finds strength to maintain her job even in the face of regular flashbacks from trauma suffered years ago at the hands of multiple abusers. WE helped her get therapy which provides the keys to healing while Removing Chains provides a daily support group.
  • Children from the US, Canada, and Europe find solace and an oasis through their support network on Removing Chains after school from continuous and heartless bullying. They escape to safety and support from their peers and understanding adult survivors through Removing Chains.
  • A brutalized young woman from South America finds daily hope from her hospital bed. Through countless surgeries and months hospitalized she finds a reason to carry on due to connections through our unique system.
  • A young lady entering college in the US finds more than support once her boyfriend becomes obsessively abusive. Local connections assist us in convincing him to discontinue his abuse before legal problems ruin his life. She is now free and at peace.
  • An adult woman from the UK seeks and finds support through the faceless anonymity we provide after her rape. Struggling to maintain in front of peers through her work and personal life, she finds a place to “be real” through Removing Chains. We help connect her with local support.
  • A teen aging out of foster care but with untreated PTSD and years behind in school worries how he will get a job and survive on his own. Through the support of Removing Chains he is finding hope, strength and support.
  • A homeless young lady from Australia finds strength and a safety net of support after choosing she can’t return home to her abuser. Removing Chains helps her with daily encouragement and links to local support.

These are only the tip of the iceberg of what can happen and Ark of Hope for Children needs your help to continue. We have exhausted our current funds to bring this site to where it is, but it has so far to go to be everything it can be. We now have something very tangible for individual and corporations to invest their financial support in.

Your support will;

  • Keep our site online (Hosting our sites with so much happening on them is becoming increasingly expensive)
  • Provide added customized software for case management
  • Build out our extensive self-help and training libraries using paid staff
  • Paid Directors as well as staff for site monitoring
  • Background checks for all online volunteers
  • Build out of our UnChained Program to begin providing survivor support within community groups in interested cities throughout the US and in interested countries around the world. (Our first of these has begun in the UK and Florida)

Our funds are tapped out but our passion is on fire. We need you on the front lines and we need your support to continue our proven services. On Giving Tuesday 2013, throughout the giving season and throughout the upcoming year please leave a legacy by helping Ark of Hope for Children and Removing Chains continue and even expand through the great results these programs can provide!

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