Ten year old Sweetie captures 1000 webcam pedophiles

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A Dutch child-rights organization called Terre Des Hommes has opened Ark of Hope's eyes to the increasing horrors of child exploitation online. The following video is safe to watch but shows just how enormous the problem is for us and our children globally. But they are turning the tables! Watch how they gauged the monsterous scale of the problem with a 10-week online sting using the help of someone named "Sweetie." 

Web cam child sex tourism is how they defined it. 

Ark of Hope for Children, and our Removing Chains child trafficking, child abuse and bullying survivor live chat support site call it disgusting!

Some of those we have mentored have been through the horrors of child sexual exploitation and the PTSD that results, even once rescued, due to the fear of being recognized, or the fear of seeing yourself online again and again. If the realities expressed in this video move you to support us, we will be forever greatful as we attempt to support survivors globally.

**Trigger Warning** - If you were victimzed as a child, please visit RemovingChains.org. We exist to listen and support you in a safe and anonymous way. We can help you break your silence and move towards emotional freedom. 


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