thumb Circle of HandsArk of Hope for Children built a live chat survivor support site called RemovingChains.org so victimized children and adults around the world can find hope and support. Our advocates & volunteers can now lead their own online fundraising teams to help us as we aid victims of child abuse, rape, trafficking, bully, depression, and more. Read on to start a team of your own!

Volunteers and funds are the lifeblood of all of our nonprofit programs. Through Crowdrise.com our volunteers are helping us raise these much needed funds by FunRaising! Since we can use all of oour social networks it is a natural part of rasining awareness about our programs and the survivors we support.

Here is how Ark of Hope helps;

For years we have helped victimized youth online through the many social networks. By showing we care, Ark of Hope for Children has changed lives on all of the main social networks, plus through a site 

we created for another company three years ago. Now with our own nonprofit support site those we reach out to include male and female, young and old, survivors of:

  • Child abuse
  • Child trafficking
  • Ritual & Demonic Ritual Abuse
  • Bullying
  • Depression, Self-Harm & suicidal thought that's often rooted in abuse and more complete list chat rooms here

Survivors seek us out hoping we will listen, believe and help them cope. We listen and empower through mentoring plus we connect them to professionals as often as we can. Now we need your help! The site is live because we built it without the funding needed to fulfill it's complete vision. We arer looking to this fundraiser, partered with you to raise the money needed.

Funds will be used for:

• Full online library of helpful articles and videos
• Background checks for EVERY mentor
• Training library including mandatory live webinar led trauma training by certified trainers
• More computers for local volunteers and moderators
• Office space within ample space for more local Gainesville Florida area interns and leadership
• Fastest and most powerful internet connection, site hosting and more! 

How you can help?

Of course donations truly bless us but thanks to Crowdrise we can multiply them by working together. You can create your fundraising page under ours then share regularly with your friends and social  network about the difference you are making for victimized people with us!

You can even use the sample content we created below for yours. Here is how easy it is;

  1. Go to our Volunteer Donor Drive Fundraiser on Crowdrise.com & register or login to their fun & social site
  2. From our Volunteer Donor Drive fundraiser Click “Create Your Fundraiser” to start your own team. You will automatically be partnered with us on this one!
  3. Modify the title if you want toMaybe something like “My Donor Drive for Team Removing chains”
  4. Set your fundraising goal amount. Crowdrise will handle all the donations and tax deduction receipts for us.
  5. Pictures we have should help but they can be removed. Change the words to anything you want but we have some written below to help you out.
  6. Save it and you have just started your own. 
  7. We will know right away that you have made one, but it will be helpful to click the link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  8. Donating to your own will get the fundraiser progress bar moving right away.  This will encourage those you share it with.
  9. Now invite friends, share it, tweet it, pin it and email it over and over (gradually over a few weeks. The more times people see it over a month or so the better chance they will react.

Here are sample words you can use;

I support victims of child abuse, trafficking & bullying by helping on Removing Chains live chat survivor support site. They are providing global Hope to victimized people young and old and are doing amazing work! Help me make a difference by donating to my Volunteer Donor Drive for Removing Chains. Donating will help them reach more survivors and provide more services. Please join my team by donating or making a team of your own and let's change lives. Donations are fully tax deductible through Ark of Hope for Children.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when you make your team page here so we can support your efforts and add a link to yours on our website! Thanks from Ark of Hope for Children.

Check out these testimonies;

“My name is Maria, I live in Brazil and (am) 17 years old, until a month and a half ago I was constantly suffering child abuse. At the moment I'm still hospitalized, and since the second day in hospital, Ark of Hope for Children is a part of my life…. I found hope and wise advice, where I can be angry without being hurt, where I can laugh, where I can trust in people. Ark of Hope for Children become my shelter, my escape, my sanctuary! I couldn’t be more grateful for Ark of Hope for Children and Blair! -Maria

This is a wonderful nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping others. Blair Corbett and Ark of Hope for Children are devoted and dedicated in their outreach to others in need. Blair has given others hope, help, and inspiration at times when there was no one else. I am privileged to know him and Ark of Hope for Children.
Lynette Marshall, eMentor for Ark of Hope

Click here to make your own!

Here some other cool fundraisers we have going thanks to Crowdrise

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