Interview-3cropSexual abuse of boys is no longer fully ignored thanks to Penn State, as well as numerous religious related and institutional male abuse cases. These stories have highlighted an epidemic of ignorance and apathy relating to the sexual abuse of boys. Boys can be so greatly traumatized due to the stigma. It is high time to tear down those walls and take a very deep look into how to help male victims and survivors.

So with all the press about those victimized as boys, why is there so little discussion of males being sex trafficked? Ignorance based assumptions are still being made that boys are only labor trafficked and girls sex trafficked. Penn State and the other cases prove that cannot possibly be true. The demand for boys in the sex trafficking industry is extremely high. 

Blair Corbett from Ark of Hope for Children, with interviewer Fernanda Mejia ask, "Are there male victims of child sex trafficking?" How can we recognize a boy who is being prostituted on the street so they too can be recognized and rescued? What are their needs once rescued and who is ready to take them in?

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